7am-7pm M-F / 8am-6pm Sat / 9am-5pm Sun
111 Seaboard Ave. Suite 116 / Raleigh, NC 27604

We're proud to be serving Raleigh Coffee Company as our main coffee roaster for BREW. You will always be able to find a great selection of rotating coffees from Raleigh Coffee Company at BREW. In addition to that, we'll be featuring another local roaster to highlight the amazing coffee our area is producing. Check out our Guest Roaster board at the shop to see who's being featured this month!

  • Espresso - 2oz shot of one of our current featured coffees
  • Macchiato- 2oz of espresso "marked" with a touch of steamed milk
  • Cortado - Spanish for "to cut" 2oz of espresso cut with steamed milk
  • Cappuccino - 6oz - 2oz of espresso with silky smooth steamed milk
  • Latte - 10 oz - 2oz of espresso with steamed milk. Add one of our current syrups for $.50
  • Mocha - 2oz of espresso with steamed milk and a dark chocolate syrup
  • Americano - 2oz of espresso over hot water
  • Drip - A daily coffee ready to go for you. (Only served till 2pm)
  • Pour Over - Rotating selection. Each pour over is made by hand and when you order it
  • Iced Nitro Cold Brew - Cannot be described with words
  • Chai Latte (Hot or Iced)
    A delicious blend of chai spices and milk steamed to perfection
  • Loose Leaf Tea
    Choose from a selection of our current teas offered by Rishi Tea. Each tea is fresh brewed when you order.
  • Hot Chocolate
    Our incredible Chocolate Milk, hot
  • Chocolate Milk
    Homeland Creamery's chocolate milk is the best chocolate milk we've ever had
  • Glass Bottle Sprite & Coke
    Made with real sugar!
  • Iced Tea
    An unsweetened, refreshing blend of black teas from Rishi Tea brewed in house
  • Orange Juice
    Served cold

At BREW, we emphasize the best. Even when it isn't COFFEE or BEER. Our teas are sourced by Rishi Tea and are considered some of the best in the world. Our chocolate milk is something that simply has to be tried. It is hands down the best we've ever had. There is something for everyone and every menu choice is carefully thought out and important.

With the growing population of breweries in the Triangle we have the pleasure of featuring a different local brewery on a rotating basis. Check out our current Tap Takeover to see which brewery is currently on draft at BREW, as well as our current selection of bottles and cans from other local breweries.

Food is another important part of BREW. From our house made pastries to our hand crafted sandwiches everything is handled with care.

All sandwiches are served on multigrain bread from Yellow Dog Bread Company with your choice of Kettle Chips or Mixed Green Salad with Balsamic Vinagrette

  • /// Breakfast ///
  • Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese
  • Greek Yogurt with Homemade Granola
  • Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Oatmeal
  • Bagels
  • /// Bar Fare ///
  • Bruchetta Crostini
  • Pimento Cheese Crostini
  • Roasted Mixed Nuts
  • /// Sandwiches (served after 11am) ///
  • Ham & Swiss with Cranberry Mustard
  • Honey Chicken Salad
  • Pimento Cheese

Some time ago we started thinking and dreaming about the future and asking ourselves what might be next. We asked each other what we loved most and what we'd like to see more of in our lives. Hands down the three things that stood out the most were COFFEE, BEER and PEOPLE.

BREW exists for community. We exist for people and because of people. It's not about us, it is about and for our community. We want BREW to be the place where if you're not at home or at work, you just have to be there experiencing the best the Triangle has to offer in coffee and beer.